We design and manufacture library security related products. Our goal is to produce cost effective, high quality security related products to meet customers demands***

Scanner & Activator/Deactivator
Block Deactivator
Wand Activator
EM Strip Tags

Activator/Deactivator "Dia11" - is designed to Activate (Sensitize) or Deactivate (Desensitize) the Library Deactivatable strip tags attached to the library materials. Because Act/Deactivation force from the Dia11 is directed towards the book, it will not interfere with any other electronic equipment nearby. The unit is a plug and play machine, so no technician needed to adjust or tune up the unit. Unlike some other competitor’s this unit will have no problem operating in different light intensity. The unit can Activate or Deactivate books with 3½" thickness. Books thicker than 31/2" should be swiped on both sides. The unit could be used on a desk top or placed in a slot made on the library counter.

Scanner & Activator/Deactivator “Ziva21" - This unit is Mechanically and electronically designed to meet our customers's needs who intend to Activate/Deactivate and scan the library products at the same time. The unit could be used on a desk top or placed in a slot made on the library counter. Using the unit in a library counter slot allows the librarian to easily handle ins and outs operation much faster and in a professional fashion.

Block Deactivator - This is an affordable check-out unit to be used in the libraries. It is not used for magnetic media. Block Deactivator is portable and very simple to use. No power needed for unit’s operation.

Wand Activator - This hand held unit allows librarians to activate the library materials manually at lower cost. The activation field is concentrated at the flat bottom side of the unit and does not affect the area beyond that. It is powered by 120 VAC.

EM Strip Tags - We carry a variety of quality Deactivatable and Permanent EM Strip Tags used in the libraries. They are self adhesive and are suitable for any packaging or hard surfaces. Deactivatable tags can be deactivated or activated by the units we supply to our customers. Deactivatable tags are mainly used in retail stores and circulating libraries. Permanent tags as the name implies, can not be deactivated. They are used mainly in the reference libraries, computer rooms and video rental stores. All of our tags are compatible with 3M, Knogo and other EM Systems.